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Cartridge E-cigarettes
We offer two cartridge style electronic cigarettes - V2 and Westside Vapors. Each are available in Menthol or Tobacco flavor.

The V2 EX Automatic or Manual kits includes (1) USB (computer) charger, (1) rechargeable battery, and (1) refillable atomizer for $14.99. Additional 5 packs of prefilled cartridges can be purchased separately for $9.99. The V2 disposable is also available for $5.99.

Instead of a prepackaged kit, the Westside Vapors line offers the rechargeable batteries, chargers, and 5 packs of cartridges to be purchased separately allowing for optimal customization. The batteries can be purchased in a variety of colors and the 5 pack cartridges sell for $9.99 in strengths from 0mg to 36mg. We also have flavors like Blueberry, Red Bull, Newsport, Virginia, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Coconut. In addition to the USB charger, optional wall or car chargers are $8.99 each.

Atomizer E-cigarettes
We also offer build-your-own CE4 E-cigarettes. You'll need (1) USB (computer) charger, (1) rechargeable battery, and (1) refillable atomizer for a complete e-cig. Many colors available. The nicotine liquid(e-juice) can be purchased separately for as little as $2.99 in strengths from 0mg to 24mg depending on the brand. We have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

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Hookah Tobacco Brands
How to Hookah
Start by putting ice cubes, then water in the vase, filling it 1/2 inch above the tip of the stem that goes down into the vase.

Take the tobacco and sprinkle it into the bowl. Be sure to not pack it too low to the rim, or too high. It is important to take care when loading the hookah bowl to ensure that you do not overflow the bowl. If the Shisha is too close to the top, when the coal is applied it will burn the Shisha directly causing an unpleasant smoke. Be sure to not pack the Shisha into the bowl too tightly — This will restrict airflow.

Put screen on top of bowl

Blow through the hose to clean out any dust or particles that may have settled, don’t wash the hose unless you know that it is washable.

Light the coals on fire safe surface.

Transfer the coal on top of the screen. If the coal is circular place it around the bowl in a circular pattern around the bowl allowing the tobacco to evenly burn. Let the coals sit on top of the hookah until every coal has ash all over.

(Not a required step) Put ice in the base to make the smoke colder. Don’t over fill, just enough to cover the bottom. Fill the vase with ice first, then add water. It is important to make sure that you only fill the vase slightly over 1/2″ above the tip of the stem. The reason for this is because once the ice melts, the water level will drop to the desired level.

(Not a required step) Sometimes you can add items in the base to change the smoke. Adding a small amount of milk (a teaspoon works [for the average sized base] will make the smoke thicker.

(Not a required step) Many people believe strongly in what are called “diffusers.” Diffusers work a lot like an aerator on a faucet. It is placed over the stem and submerged so it is around 1/4 of an inch below the surface. Diffusers allow for more smoke to accumulate more water vapor, creating a tastier, smoother smoke.

- Hookah smoke should be thick and white, such smoke indicates you have prepped and are smoking the Hookah correctly.

- Before placing the Shisha in the top of the hookah, line the head with foil to ensure a quick and easy clean up.

- If the smoke ever becomes harsh , take the bowl off with a towel (It will be hot), and blow into the hookah. This will clear the vase/chamber of the smoke. (Some hookahs come with purge valves, and another way to do this with a 2+ hose hookah is take a hose off and blow through.)

- A well packed bowl with good tobacco can last you a good 45 minutes, perhaps 30 minutes with some friends. The coals might last from 20 minutes up to an hour depending on type and brand.

- Try different flavors and brands of shisha tobacco, some give you a much more pleasant and thick smoke than others.

- To clean your hookah, dip a rag into vinegar and push it through the stem with the lower half of a fishing pole or other stick. As for the vase, soaking it with warm water and soap for a bit, as well as a very thorough rinsing after wards is your best bet. Clean the stem around once a week and the vase once a month or so. We carry brush kits for cleaning as well.

- A thicker grade of foil will distribute heat better throughout the bowl, the foil will also be less likely to burn.

- Another great addition to your hookah accessory repertoire is a larger diameter hose, allowing for a more smoke to flow with less pulling

- In many Middle Eastern countries they will use a base of milk or juice to enhance the flavor and thickness of the smoke. Standard procedure at Ali Baba’s Hookah Bar (est. 1760 in Istanbul) is 1/3 parts milk/juice to 2/3 parts water.

- More smaller holes is better than fewer large ones. With smaller holes less ash falls in the bowl and you lower the chance of a burning piece of coal falling into your bowl which will cause it to burn. Use a pin or a thumb tack.

- Although a 45 minute hookah session is roughly equivalent to 2.5 cigarettes in terms of nicotine, the point here is that a hookah lasts 45 minutes, whereas a cigarette usually doesn’t last for more than 5; you do the math.

- Do not use b.b.q. coals as they produce an excess amount of carbon monoxide which may cause headaches and can (unlikely though it may be) result in death. Use commercial hookah coals, either quick light or natural, for smoking a pleasant hookah. We carry Three Kings, Coco Nara, Coco Mazaya, Exotica Coco, and Gene Coco.

- Always use the tongs that come with most Hookahs to light or move your coals, don’t use kitchen tongs which may have been coated in a polymer to provide a non-stick coating for food prep and easy cleaning.

- Do not breathe in during the burning of the chemicals in quick-lighting coals. The chemicals contain various carcinogens and other unhealthy substances.

- Some flavors of shisha tobacco (like cappuccino) might be of such a strong flavor that the taste might stay behind in your hookah even after cleaning.

- Talk to the salesperson or someone you know who has experience and similarities in tastes about a certain brand or flavor.

- Shisha tobacco flavor may be completely dominated by other aspects of the shisha (such as the rosewater, true of many low-key flavors). With such shisha tobacco flavors, what you’re left with is a soapy tasting smoke in your lungs and mouth.

- Watch excessive inhaling as a beginner, as you will easily become light headed from the smoke and/or start coughing.

- Hookah is not a safe alternative to cigarettes, cigars, or any other type of tobacco product. Use with your own discretion.