Our Story

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Our Story

An early Quonset Hut AdYear 1969 (MCMLXIX) is associated with the first manned landing on the Moon (Apollo 11).

Ohio State defeats USC in the Rose Bowl.

Richard Milhous Nixon succeeds Lyndon Baines Johnson as the 37th President of the United States of America.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono conduct their Bed-In at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec.

And here in Canton, Ohio QUONSET HUT is born. We began as a hippie boutique specializing in clothing, jewelry, and smokers needs. We were the one and only supplier of Levi’s. In 1975 we branched out into the music business with albums for $3.99! Current owner Mark Kratzer is pictured in the lower left of the album advertisement to the right. As the technology changed so did the music from vinyl to 8- tracks to cassettes to CD and then the writing on the wall … downloads! It became clear that the future meant going back to the past.

Quonset Hut 20 year anniversary

QUONSET HUT reinvented itself in May 2005 as your favorite local shop with greeting cards that make Hallmark blush, jewelry (both for the pierced and non pierced), darts, disc golf, skateboards, metaphysical items, tie-dye, incense and other good smelly stuff, and of course the smoke shop and sex toys (must be 18 to even look at)!

In May 2019, we moved to our new location at 3775 Cleveland Avenue NW, just down the street from our former location. You can read an article about our new home here.

Quonset Hut is the place to go when you need something special. Our staff knows the products and can help you find what you didn’t know existed. Best of all it’s fun to hang out at Quonset Hut – So “TELL A FRIEND!!”

Quonset Hut mural