Strange But True

Strange But True

Most recently, the herbal incense was moved from the basement (downstairs) to the upstairs. Before the move, we tried to warn customers by putting notes around the store. A couple enters the front door in the upstairs and stops at the first register. The girl asks, “I know that the herbal incense has been moved upstairs. But how do we get there?” She wasn’t the only one dumbfounded by the move. In the weeks to follow, several customers, even regulars, wanted to know how to get upstairs. Oh boy!

Customer Appreciation Day: Staff is giving out free hot dogs and popcorn to customers showing their Quonset Hut receipt; customer says, “do I have to take a hot dog, I don’t really want one”. She did take some popcorn!!

Phone rings: “Hello Quonset Hut.” Customer: “May I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Hut?????”

Man and woman come in shopping; he says, “Sweetest Day is October 15″. She replies, “yeah.” she walks around the cards sees the Sweetest Day cards and says, “When is Sweetest Day?”

Customer: “Are the flags outside for sale”. Salesman “Absolutely”. Customer: “Should I just go outside and grab one”?

Customer at the counter after noticing a stack of business cards: “Wow this is great they have a phone here now”.

Twenty something young man produces a laminated piece of green construction paper with hand written info and his baby picture glued on it. Oh yeah that will work!

Customer asks what are the prices on the spider webs. When the clerk goes to look at what he is talking about they were dream catchers.

Customer calls in asking if we carry sex toys. We respond that we certainly do. She asks: “Are they used”? SERIOUSLY!!!

Group of young kids walking around metaphysical section pick up The Book of Shadows and says, “Book of Shadows, there is nothing even written in here. This is really scary.”

Customer comes in with her kid about 10 years old, as they are leaving mom says, ” You know you have done something right when your kid loves Quonset Hut!”