SINCE 1969

Quonset Hut carries a wide array of unique gifts, jewelry, skateboarding, and disc golf equipment, clothing, glass pipes, adult toys and more! We’re conveniently located on Cleveland Avenue in Canton, Ohio. Stop in today and don’t forget, Tell a Friend!




This place is the best for many reasons. Awesome birthday cards, funny bumper stickers, posters, incense, tobacco products, an adult section lol, and now best of all they're selling HALO brand EJUICE! thank you Quonset hut for supporting this amazing company, I hate running out waiting for a shipment or spending extra for expedited shipping when I'm low and now I can always just drive up and get what I need. I wish you guys would stock more often and would carry all of their flavors but I'm sure it's not a major part of your business so it's understandable and you usually have the juice I'm looking for or one I do like if not the one I was after. They even have an old timey soda machine upstairs that's only 40 cents a can. I like everything about this place and the staff have always been friendly and nice and will usually talk to you while you browse instead of a "buy your crap and leave" attitude. Keep up the good work Qhut!

Tracey B

I have you all beat, reviewers. I remember Quonset Hut from, like, 1989. Badass then. Badass now. Rock on Quonset Hut. Rock on

Matt I

This is my go to smokeshop, everything you could need is here. The gift shop upstairs is full of hippie items that i always like to look at, incense, clothing, salt lamps, pendants, candles, etc. They also have a lot of disc golf materials there too. Downstairs is where the smokeshop is, very nice glass, vapes, and all the essentials for those who really love to smoke or vape. The staff at Quonset Hut is the best, very helpful and nice. Everytime i go in there it feels so nice to be around such positive energy.

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